February 2017      

78th Edition              


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you had a great holiday and are enjoying the start of the New Year. While this year has had some cold days we have certainly enjoyed rather mild temperatures for January.  Every mild day is one less miserable cold one, and it helps keep the utility bills down.  I’m finding that I enjoy the colder weather less and less every year.

Edinburg’s holiday activities were a real success again this past year. Our Parade and Tree Lighting were well attended and the Children’s Christmas Party was a real hit again this year. Steve Wood did a great job with the Parade and we had more than 60 units this year. I was at a meeting recently where someone complimented Edinburg on doing such a wonderful job on the holiday party and how we are the only town that does something like this.

Everyone enjoyed hearing the Central High School Band playing Christmas Carols before the tree lighting and all the kids certainly enjoyed seeing Santa Claus at the Party. We all owe the Edinburg Heritage Foundation, the Town employees, the Edinburg Volunteer Fire Department, Coleman Microwave, Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce, Edinburg Renaissance B&B, Elizabeth Strippy at Apple Gallery Déjàvu, Clyde & Judy Beachy, Wightman’s Insurance, Vikki’s Hair Design, Wal-Mart, Bobbie Sainz, VFW Post 2447, the Ladies Auxiliary of the VFW, and all of the volunteers a great big thank you for all that they do to make this event a success. We couldn’t do it without their help and financial support.

The judging of the 2015 Edinburg Outdoor Decorating Contest was done again this year by the Ladies Auxiliary of VFW Post 2447.  Certificates were awarded to the following: First Place Residential went to Karen and Byron Wightman at 508 Stony Creek Blvd; Second Place was awarded to Jason Koval at 107 Jillian Court and the Third Place award this year recognized the efforts of Wilma Windle at 220 South Main St.

The First Place Commercial award went to Donna and Bill Smith at “Edinburg Renaissance Bed and Breakfast”, 212 N. Main St; Second Place certificate was awarded to the Edward Jones located at 405 Stony Creek Blvd.

The Ladies also gave out the coveted “Griswold” award again this year. This is the award given to that special person who goes that extra step to prove that less is not always more. This year’s award again went to Pamela Andrews at 111 S. Whissen St.

I hope that you all had a chance to see these and all the other wonderful decorations around the Town; we had many more decorations to look at this year and it was great to see so many.  Thank you to everyone who decorated for the holidays and made Edinburg shine. Keep up the good work and maybe you will be the one receiving a certificate for next year’s efforts.

Hopefully the winter weather will still be cooperating when it is time for our next Neighborhood Watch meeting on Thursday February 23rd. Make sure to mark your calendars for the 23rd and watch for the announcement of future meetings in the coming months. We are still very pleased with how the Town’s arrangement with the Sheriff’s Department is working out.

Speaking of watching over the neighborhood, did you know that you are responsible for cleaning up after your dog? The Town Council adopted an Ordinance in 2009 that made it unlawful for anyone to not clean up their dog’s excrement immediately and properly dispose of such.  Anyone convicted of violating this Ordinance can be fined $15.  We have recently received complaints from residents at the Madison Village Townhouses about dog owners not cleaning up after their pets. We have passed this complaint on to the Town Deputies and they will be on the lookout for violators.  Make sure to carry along whatever clean up supplies you need every time you take your best friend out for a walk.

And if your walk takes you down by the Post Office, make sure to try out the crossing lights at the crosswalk on Main Street.  Town Council member Steve Van Stee, owner of SolarCrate, designed, built and installed the lighting system to assist residents in crossing the street. If you have ever attempted to use the crosswalk I’m sure you have found that local drivers do not obey the State Law that requires them to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk.  Steve’s system is solar powered and has a push button on both sides of Main Street that activates a series of flashing LED lights to attract the attention of drivers to the fact that someone is entering the crosswalk.  It’s hard to miss the flashing lights when they come on; however, please still look both ways before attempting to cross the street. Some people just are not that observant and we want you to be safe.  We hope to eventually install the same system on the other downtown crosswalk at F & M Bank.

Something else to place on your calendars is the schedule for the Town’s recycling program. Edinburg has offered curbside recycling longer than any of the other towns in Shenandoah County.  The following is the schedule for 2017, along with some information on what can be recycled:

January - 11, 25                                                                                    February - 8, 22                                          
March - 8, 22
April - 5, 19
May - 3, 17, 31
June - 14, 28
July - 12, 26
August - 9, 23
September - 6, 20
October - 4, 18
November - 1, 15, 29
December - 13, 27

If roads are bad, or we have an emergency on the scheduled pickup day; pickup will occur the next day or as soon as possible. The schedule for January 2018 will be pickup on the 10th and 24th. You can get more detailed information about the program at the Town Office. Here is a quick overview of what we can collect; make sure to contact the office if you have any questions.

What:  Paper-Newspaper, Magazines, Books and Cardboard, please                break down boxes or bundle and either place on or next to your              recycle bin. Do not place paper in bottom of bin with                              everything else on top.

            Glass- All colors including window glass, please remove lids from             containers

            Plastic- #1through #7 with tops removed, PVC pipe, buckets;                 we cannot take bowls, oil jugs, or any container that had paint or             gas in it.  STYROFOAM CANNOT BE RECYCLED

            Tin- Any can with lids removed; No paint cans or aerosol cans

            Aluminum- Any item made out of aluminum; No paint or aerosol             containers

Please rinse your recycled items to help control odor and only use a marked recycling bin for recycling.  The regular Trash Company will not pick up anything that is placed in a marked recycling bin. Please contact the Town Office, 984-8521, Ron Ross, Maintenance Supervisor, 984-4592 or email town@shentel.net for additional information.

The Town is still looking for new members for our local Boards and Commissions.  There are open positions on the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA). The BZA position is for a five year term.  We are always looking for additional members for the Planning Commission.  Terms on the Commission are staggered from 1 to 4 years depending on the current make up of the Commission.  Any of these positions would be a great way to get involved in what is happening in your town.  If you have an interest in serving, please contact the Town Office at 984-8521 or the email address listed above.

It is hard to believe it is already that time again but Vehicle Stickers go on sale February 1st and the new sticker must be displayed by March 1st.  If you can not get to the office during normal business hours, you can call 984-8521 and purchase your Vehicle Sticker with a charge card and it will be mailed to you. (We do have to charge for the postage)  Vehicles-$25, Motorcycles-$18, Trailers-$25; the stickers are Gold this year with the same distinctive Edinburg Logo in the center.

The Town continues to struggle with the e-coli problem at the Waste Water Treatment Plant that I reported on at this time last year. The Plant violated the e-coli levels during the last half of 2016.  The DEQ and engineers still have not been able to identify what is causing the problem. It is beginning to look like our 30 year old Treatment Plant just might be reaching the end of its life cycle and is starting to have issues with meeting the more stringent requirements of the regulatory agencies.  At this point we believe that we can stay in compliance with higher Chlorine dosing and making some adjustments in the Chlorine Contact Tank to increase the detention time prior to discharging from the Plant.  An adjustment to the level inside the tank that was done in November has resulted in some recent test readings that were non-detects for e-coli; this is something that we have never achieved since beginning to test for e-coli in 2012. 

Because of the additional violations in 2016 we are expecting the Department of Environmental Quality, DEQ, to put us under a consent order to permanently correct the situation within a certain deadline.  Regrettably we will probably also be fined for the past violations as part of the consent order. We are hoping that the fine will be minimal since the DEQ knows that we have been actively searching for a solution to the problem since our first violations back in 2015.  Even the experts at the DEQ can’t tell us what is going wrong or suggest how we can fix it.

One thing that is becoming clear is that whatever solution we come up with is only going to be a temporary fix. As soon as we get the e-coli problem under control the Town Council and the town’s engineers are going to begin studying our options for the long term solution to our aging treatment plant.

Upgrading treatment plants to meet today’s regulations is not cheap; and a town our size does not have the customer base to repay the millions of dollars required to do so.  There are other ways to handle this and we will be looking at all of our options. Please be assured that we will do all we can to come up with one that will be the best fit for Edinburg. 

          That’s all for now, Stay Safe and Warm and Think Spring;
                              Your Mayor, Dan Harshman