The Edinburg Town Council met in a regular session on Tuesday, February 13, 2018.  Mayor Harshman called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  All Council Members were present with the exception of Councilwoman Strong.  Also present were:  Capt. Wes Dellinger and Dep. Robert Taylor from the Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Department, Mr. Lewis Mulholland from the Northern Virginia Daily and Mr. Ronald Ross, Town Maintenance Supervisor.

Mr. Harshman stated that a discussion about the new Local Choice rates needed to be added to the agenda under “New Business”.

A motion was made by Councilman Beachy and seconded by Councilman Wood to approve the minutes of the January 9, 2018 regular meeting.  Motion carried.   

A motion was made by Councilman Wood and seconded by Councilman Beachy to approve the Treasurer’s report and to pay all the bills as presented.  Motion carried. 

Mr. Harshman called attention to the EEMA report and to Mr. Ross’s report.  Mr. Harshman reported that the US Filter technician was here for the 4-day service.  He adjusted the program on all of the filters, replaced the AV7 on Filter #1, replaced all air gauges on the filter, pinned membranes on Filter #3 and replaced a couple of membrane modules.  The tech also calibrated all of the new ph meters and tweaked some of the controls on Filter #4 to get it running smoother.  The leak on Filter #4 has also been fixed. 

Mr. Harshman reported that the Plant has been running well since US Filter’s visit and the tanks were full after this past weekend for a short period.  The two days of rain kicked up the turbidity that is always a problem this time of year and the backwashing and cleaning had to be increased which will impact production for a while.  Mr. Harshman reported that one of the Plant’s booster pumps has been pulled for service and the Maintenance Crew also repacked Well #1’s pump yesterday to correct an increasing leak around the shaft.   

Mr. Harshman also reported that the Town is still waiting on Patterson Construction to come and assist with installing the new air scoops for the RBC unit.  The outside cover of the RBC has been removed and it was discovered that the damage was caused by a broken baffle in the center of the lower section of the unit.  The contractor and engineer have come up with a fix for the baffle and a way to further strengthen it.  Mr. Harshman reported that this damage can only be fixed by lifting the rotating assembly of the RBC out with a crane while the repair is being done.

Mr. Harshman reported that the chlorine contact tank at the WWTP continues to be pumped out and the Town has been able to stay in compliance.  The Town continues to struggle a bit with some testing results and hopefully, the warmer temperatures and getting the RBC back on-line will help the situation.  Covering the clarifiers with tarps to contain heat didn’t seem to help very much.

Mr. Harshman reported that the Massanutten View Pumping Station is back on-line.

Mr. Harshman also reported that the old generator has been removed from the WWTP and the Town decided to have a new concrete base poured for the replacement unit.  The old base had settled on one side and was out of level and the replacement unit is longer than the old unit.  Mr. Harshman reported that all of the details have been worked out for the replacement.  The Town will be paying $3,000 for labor, and will be responsible for replacing any fuel that has been used by the portable generator that is there now.  The Town Attorney is holding the $3,000 that is to be paid once the unit is installed and operational.  The Town was not successful in getting any type of warranty.

The Street Committee had no report. 

The Ordinance Committee had no report.    
The Personnel Committee had no report.   Mr. Harshman reported that he spoke to the three full-time maintenance men about whether or not they are interested in taking on more responsibility and has only heard back from one of them so far.                   

The Finance Committee had no report.  Mr. Harshman reported that work will begin on the 2018-2019 budget once February’s numbers are complete.           
The Property Committee had no report.
The Cemetery Committee had no report.  The Council agreed that Mr. Ross should go ahead with having the dead trees removed at the cemetery at a cost of $1,900.
The Park Committee had no report.                    

The Insurance Committee had no report. 

Capt. Wes Dellinger provided the Council with a “Calls for Service” report for January 2018.  Dep. Taylor reported that he is working on the emergency response updates for businesses in town. 
Mr. Harshman was not able to attend the January Tourism Council meeting, but has provided the Council with the minutes from the meeting.  The Tourism Council has begun moving the monthly meetings around each month and the meeting next week will be in New Market. 

Mr. Harshman reported that the Edinburg Mill Restaurant opened in mid-January and it seems to be doing well.  They are in the process of applying for a Beer & Wine License, which should help with the dinner business.

Mr. Harshman reported that attendance at the Visitor Center and Museum is up 10% over last year.  There also was definitely an increase with the restaurant opening last month.

Mr. Harshman reported that the Town Election candidate packets are available for the Tuesday, May 1st election.  The deadline to register to be on the ballot is March 6th.  Mr. Neal filed the Court Order to place the fourth Council Member on the ballot; although Mr. Harshman just learned that Councilwoman Barbara Strong is not going to run in May, which means that the Town will need another council member.

Mr. Harshman reported that he will be attending the first meeting of Growing Area Values Expanding Leadership (GAVEL) on Thursday.  This is a meeting of all of the Mayors in Shenandoah County that will be held quarterly.  GAVEL was started by Strasburg Mayor, Mr. Rich Orndorff and Mt. Jackson Mayor, Mr. Bucky Miller.  Mr. Harshman reported that the mission of GAVEL is to maintain a healthy working relationship among the Mayors of the County.  The meetings will move from town to town each quarter.

Mr. Harshman reported that the Town & County Dinner will be on Wednesday, April 4th in Toms Brook.  They have an interesting program planned on Agribusiness and Agritourism in the County.

Mr. Harshman reported that the Edinburg Mill has been chosen to be included in the Virginia History Trail App as part of the 2019 Commemoration American Evolution event.  The statewide event commemorates the 400th anniversary of key historical events that have occurred in Virginia since 1619.  The Virginia History Trail is one of the legacy projects of the Commemoration and will be great exposure for Edinburg and the Mill.

Mr. Harshman also reported that the Shenandoah County Library and the Historic Council are having a program on “Theory & Practice” for people that work in historic sites on Wednesday, March 14th.  If anyone is interested, RSVP to Mr. Zach Hottle at the County Library.

Mr. Harshman reported that the ARB met last night to discuss a request from Ms. Anne Parks to replace the windows in her home located at 203 South Main Street.  The ARB approved this request.

The Planning Commission did not meet last month.

The Zoning Administrator had no report.

The Town Attorney had no report.

Mr. Harshman reported that Ms. Stephanie Langton has left the Planning District and Mr. Brandon Davis from the Planning District does not feel that the Town would have a strong application if we applied again next month.  The Department of Housing and Community Development wants the Town to do this in two phases, but Mr. Harshman would like someone from Richmond to come up and walk the area.  Councilman Beachy stated that he doesn’t think the Town could get a product out in time and that the Town should take its time and wait until next year.  Councilman Wood stated that he thought the Town would have a better application if we waited.  The consensus of the Council was to wait and hopefully apply next round. 

Mr. Harshman showed the Council four possible “brands” for Edinburg that Ms. Lynne Crumpacker created for the Town.  The Council likes the concept, but they had a few changes.  Mr. Harshman will ask Ms. Crumpacker to do the changes and then get the Townspeople’s opinion.

Mr. Harshman reported that representatives from Sprint and Shentel came to speak with him about holding a “Summer Movie Night” at the Town Park on Saturday, June 2nd, with a rain date of June 9th.  They will do the advertising and supply all of the equipment.  The Council’s consensus was yes, this would be a good idea.

Mr. Harshman reported that the Town received the rates from Local Choice for the new budget year, which had an increase of 9% from last year.  A motion was made by Councilman Beachy and seconded by Councilman Dellinger to continue with the current Local Choice coverage for the 2018-2019 budget year.  Motion carried. 

Councilman Beachy reported that Mr. Bob Williamson had passed away and that Mr. Bill Roller had fallen at his home and is currently at Greenfield’s in Woodstock.

With no further business, a motion was made by Councilman Beachy and seconded by Councilman Dellinger to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:04 p.m.

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